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Radiance Petroleum Limited Safety Awareness Week

The maiden Radiance Petroleum Limited Safety Awareness Week was successfully launched on Monday, 23rd August 2021 at the Radiance Head Office located at Gbawe with the theme: Safety! My Responsibility!!!

The occasion was graced by the presence of the Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for GA West in the person of Madam Sally Biney and the Risk Management Officer of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC) in the person of Mr. Tizard Ansah.

Madam Sally Biney during her presentation touched on environmental quality and safety concerns in the following key areas of operations:

  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Noise
  • Waste Management

She commended Radiance Petroleum Limited for operating within the confines of the law thus, making Radiance Petroleum relevant to society.

Mr. Tizard Ansah, the Risk Management Officer of the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMC) in his presentation touched on some of the lessons learned from the numerous safety incidents that have occurred in the industry in recent times. He further touched on several considerations that OMCs’ should consider to ensure that safety is ensured at all times. Amongst these were the following:

  • Training and adherence of third-party service providers to safety requirements when they visit the Fuel outlets to work.
  • Continuous safety training of all employees to ensure that safety standards are adhered to.
  • Development and implementation of a well-documented Safety Policy.
  • Proper indication of the IN and OUT at the various outlets to prevent accidents.
  • Proper and timely maintenance of equipment at the outlets and the BRV trucks.
  • Availability and use of PPE’s by personnel.

During the closing remark, Mr. Emmanuel Abete Pobee, the Managing Director of Radiance Petroleum Limited, stressed the fact that it is critical to keep safety as a top priority and to ensure that all employees return home safely every day without any injury. He stated that it was the responsibility of Management to ensure that safety is not compromised. A safety pledge was made by all present at the meeting to ensure that safety standards are adhered to at all times.

The Safety Awareness Week continued with the following activities on the various days as summarized below:

On Tuesday 24th August 2021, Radiance organized an open forum which had in attendance the National Petroleum Authority’s HSSE officer in the person of Mr. Sampson Addo. He answered questions and explained the safety requirements to be adhered to by OMCs and LPGMCs at the various outlets in the country.

On Wednesday 25th August 2021, a safety awareness training was organized for the Radiance truck drivers, mates, and Liaison officers at Tema. In attendance was the NPA HSSE officer, Mr. Sampson Addo who trained the participants on the safety requirements during loading, when in transit to the various outlets, and during offloading of products at the various fuel outlets.

On Thursday, 26th August 2021, Radiance Station Managers trained their station attendants on the emergency response procedures to be followed in case a safety incident occurs at the station. The Weeklong activities came to an end on Friday, 27th August 2021, with the Radiance Head office staff joining the station managers and attendants on the field to educate and raise customer safety awareness.  This was done through one-on-one conversations with the customers on the forecourt and the sharing of fliers to the customers.

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